Bring your party to life with our inflatable castles, slides, or obstacle course!! 

Try our newest inflatable - a 15 X 15 Dry Balloon Jump Castle

We have Two Large 18 foot slides that can be used wet or dry!
Children love our 66 foot Obstacle Course that includes
an 18 foot Double Slide.



try one of our Combos

that offer a jump area and slide

which can be used wet or dry.

Perfect for everyone!

Palm Tree Combo is 29 X 13  

Wet or Dry

The Large Castle Combo is 29 X 13   Double Lanes    Wet or Dry


Screamer Slide
50' Long
Wet or Dry

Slip and Slide
28 X 8' wide X 7' high

Jumping Castles

The Wet Dry Castle is 25 L' X 11' W


Dry Jumping Castle is 15' X 15'

 We deliver fun!!

Call us at 843-382-7246 for competitive pricing.

We also have a Popcorn Machine available!


We have a Marquee Tent available. 
It is 20' X 20' with optional side walls.
Call for pricing.